Final Exam Policies & Guidelines

Below are some guidelines you must follow when taking your law school exams. This list is not intended to be all inclusive, but it does highlight the most common areas of concern.

1. All Law students are required to read and electronically sign a Student Certification of Examination Performance Agreement each term when retrieving their assigned Final Exam Number from their Student Dashboard.
2. Read and follow each exam’s instructions carefully. Failure to comply with all exam instructions is an Honor Code violation and will subject you to disciplinary action.
3. Cell phones, tablets, watches with Internet capabilities, mp3 players, and any other electronic devices, including noise canceling headphones, (with the exception of computers running Extegrity Exam4) are NOT ALLOWED in the exam room. During the exam, visible electronics will be confiscated and turned in to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.
4. EXAM4 users who experience a computer malfunction during an exam must notify the proctor immediately. Do not attempt to reboot on your own.  You will be given materials to start writing your exam and an SAO staff member will be notified to reboot your computer.  If the reboot is unsuccessful, the remainder of the exam period must be written by hand.
5. All students (both typists and writers) will be combined in exam rooms.
6. Any student arriving after an exam has commenced will be penalized on a minute-by-minute basis. In other words, a student arriving late gets no additional time on the exam.
7. No smoking, chewing tobacco, or eating is allowed during exams. Only drinks in closed containers are allowed.
8. When the proctor says, “stop,” you must stop instantly. This means that you cannot finish dotting an “i” or crossing a “t”. Failure to stop writing or typing when “stop” is called is an Honor Code violation.
9. Some professors allow their students to take exam questions out of the room upon completion of their exams. Some do not. Please read and follow each professor’s instructions. If you are required to return the questions for a particular exam, but you inadvertently or otherwise take the questions out of the room with you, it is an Honor Code violation; you should immediately contact the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.
10. If part of or all of your exam is to be answered on a Bubble Sheet, you must bring a #2 pencil with you. Bubble sheets will be provided. Pencils will not. You must also bubble in all of your answers during the allotted time. Allow yourself sufficient time to finish prior to time being called.
11. If you observe anyone not following instructions, using unauthorized materials, or writing beyond the allotted time, you are immediately to report the incident to the proctor, as well as to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. While it is difficult to report an alleged violation, you must do so to maintain the integrity of the exam process. It is an Honor Code violation if you do not report any alleged violation of exam rules. If you lose exam time while reporting a violation and need it, you will be allowed to make it up.
12. You may not leave the room during the exam except to use the restroom or in case of emergency. If you leave the room, you cannot remove anything from the room and you will not be compensated with extra time.  If you leave the room during the exam, you must sign in and out with the proctor.
13. It is an Honor Code violation to communicate with anyone regarding the content of an exam while taking the exam and to share exam questions with or discuss an exam with a student who has not yet taken it.
14. If you are taking a Faculty Coordinator-administered exam that requires you to use Word, be sure to save your document every five minutes. This will ensure that any computer problems will cause only a minimal loss. Allow sufficient time to print exams, if required. Printing time, including printer problems, is included in the allotted exam time. You will not receive additional time for printing or other technical issues.
15. Floating exams must be taken within the exam period. They may not be taken before the first day of the Law School exam period, and they may not be turned in after 4:30 p.m. Central on the last Thursday of the exam period (the regular exam period does not include the final Friday of the exam period, which is reserved for postponed exams).
16. For Take-home exams administered by Exam4, you must begin your exam at 9:00 a.m. Central on the scheduled exam date, unless you have made special arrangements with the Student Affairs Office.
17. For in-person exams administered in a classroom, all students are encouraged to print hard copies of written notes and outlines prior to exam time if you are allowed to use them and want to do so. This will be helpful in case you experience any technical software issues.
18. Laptops checked out from the library may not be used to take in-room exams because the software cannot be loaded to these computers. The exam software can be loaded only to personally owned laptops.
19. Contacting your professors about your exam is a violation of the Honor Code. If you have an issue with an exam, contact the Student Affairs Office immediately.
20. If you need to postpone an exam, check the postponed exam page.

Rules regarding exams are found in the Law School Catalog. All students are expected to uphold the Honor Code. Additionally, the Institutional Rules in the General Information Catalog also govern scholastic dishonesty.