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Monday, February 15

4:15pm6:15pmLaw and Economic Seminar - Kathy Zeiler // Boston University
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5:30pm6:30pmTexas Environmental Law Journal Core Session

Wednesday, February 17

5:30pm7:00pmVirtual Women in Energy Panel
6:30pm8:00pmCLS Bible Study
8:00pm9:30amSBA Trivia Night

Thursday, February 18

8:00am9:00amTLWCF Bible Study
10:00am4:00pmThe Review of Litigation Spring 2021 Symposium

Friday, February 19

CANCELEDCelebrating Scholarships - Virtual Event

Invitees will join us as we celebrate the gratitude and hope that scholarships inspire. For questions, call 512-232-4604 or email

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11:30am1:30pmFaculty Colloquium - Aziz Rana // Cornell University
(This event’s full information is restricted to Texas Law faculty and staff only.) For more information visit

Monday, February 22

4:00pm5:30pmGRITS Welcome Event

Tuesday, February 23

11:30am12:30pmGRITS - Intersection of Disability Rights and Racial Justice

Join Getting Radical in the South for a panel discussion with Talia Lewis, Caren Short, and Lucy Wood

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CANCELEDThe UT Law Board of Advocates Presents a Panel Discussion: How to Conduct Difficult Witness Examinations

Join UT Law Board of Advocates as we host a panel discussion with UT Law professors and trial attorneys as they discuss different approaches to conducting difficult witness examinations. Zoom link:

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5:00pmGRITS 2021 - Environmental Justice in the Southern United States

This panel will explore the work being done by environmental justice lawyers, organizers, and advocates across the South fighting for the right to a safe, clean, and livable environment for their communities.

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Wednesday, February 24

8:30am11:00amCarbon Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration Webinar
12:00pm1:00pmFirst Generation Lawyer Challenges and Tools
5:00pmNot Policy, Power! Movement Lawyering in Action

For Movement lawyers, lawyering is a tool to be harnessed and leveraged in support of movements fighting for greater power in a system that disproportionately concentrates power among the white, wealthy, and corporate. In essence, a lawyer is accountable to goals of movements. For these lawyers, organizers and leaders, the primary goal is not to change laws or policies but to change the disproportionate allocations of power that create and rei

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6:30pm8:00pmCLS Bible Study

Thursday, February 25

8:00am4:00pmTexas Journal of Oil, Gas, and Energy Law (TJOGEL) Symposium
11:30am1:15pmFaculty Colloquium - Leora Bilsky // Buchman Law
(This event’s full information is restricted to Texas Law faculty and staff only.) For more information visit
5:00pm6:00pmGRITS Public Interest Social Hour

Grab your favorite cocktail or La Croix and join other public interest law students to chat and play some games!

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5:30pmAmerica's Red Rock Wilderness Act - Film & Discussion
6:30pm7:30pmAn Evening with Judge Don Willett

Friday, February 26

All dayTexas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy 2020 Symposium COVID 19: the Ongoing Effects of the Global Pandemic on Latinxs
8:30am5:00pmTJOGEL Symposium
2:30pmGRITS - Labor Organizing: From the US South to the Global South

Capitalism in the 21st century is accelerating its power. Employers continue to accumulate capital and exploit vulnerable communities, forcing many to relocate to the Global North. But just as the American workforce grows and diversifies, the US government offers workers little to no protection. In Janus v. AFSCME, The United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of right-to-work laws, which are intended to financially weaken unions. While emplo

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4:30pm6:00pmGRITS - Organizing in Law School

The traditional law school experience often feels, at best, an inadequate training for social justice-minded students, and at worst, a toxic environment that favors privilege over equity and reinforces oppressive norms. This panel, Organizing in Law School, will highlight the efforts of some law students and groups, who have resisted this traditional experience, by actively engaging in efforts to organize around urgent issues outside and insid

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Saturday, February 27

11:00am12:00pmGRITS - Crimmigration in the Carceral State

Through an expansive network of federal and local policing, the carceral state constantly entraps immigrants, especially immigrants of color. For example, in the past year alone, over 15,000 immigrants in Texas have been detained by the Department of Homeland Security. This panel of legal practitioners and community organizers will discuss the day-to-day havoc the system wreaks in communities of color, especially in the context of COVID-19. Th

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