Year: 2019

  • Camille Fenton, profile picture
    With the goal of becoming a public defender, nearly all of my legal experience prior to and during law school was on the criminal side of things. But the more I worked on criminal justice issues, the more I saw how inextricably intertwined civil rights issues are with the criminal justice system. It’s for this […]
  • Leah Rodriguez profile picture
    My experiences with the Immigration Clinic absolutely exceeded my expectations. In my first year, opportunities to participate in pro bono work through the Clinic, including detention work, kept me motivated and reminded me why I decided to go to law school in the first place. As a Student Attorney in the Clinic during my second […]
  • My participation in the Immigration Clinic was one of the most enjoyable, valuable, and rewarding experiences of my law school career. My experiences in this clinic has taught me about loyalty to my clients, non-judgmentalism, managing a caseload and how to negotiate confidently with law enforcement agents. I learned how to build strong relationships with the people I was representing, […]
  • The Immigration Clinic is the best experience I can imagine having in law school. I was afforded the privilege to work with and directly represent some amazing and incredibly strong clients who kept faith in a couple of young law students throughout their detention and deportation proceedings. The clinic provided me with the opportunity to develop my research and writing skills […]
  • The Immigration Clinic joins 96 civil society organizations, and an additional 120 individuals with expertise in migration, refugee law, and human rights, on this signed letter to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. The letter requests that the Commission consider a comprehensive, initial visit to the US-Mexico border and to use all mechanisms available to […]