Students and Faculty Visiting Aquarena Springs

Environmental Clinic

Students in the Environmental Clinic work with underserved communities throughout Texas to advocate for solutions to today’s pressing environmental problems, including environmental injustice and climate change.  Students develop creative legal solutions to protect and improve environmental quality and public health.  They also gain practical experience with factual investigation and analysis, client counseling and community education, administrative research and advocacy before regulatory agencies, and legal drafting and litigation support.

The Environmental Clinic’s clients include individuals, neighborhood associations, nonprofits and local governments.  We frequently partner with Texas legal services organizations and with national environmental non-governmental organizations on our cases and projects.

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Cases and Projects

Enforcing the Clean Water Act to stop illegal discharges of plastic pellets into Lavaca Bay

The Clinic is co-counseling with Texas RioGrande Legal Aid in a Clean Water Act citizen suit on behalf of Texas Injured Workers and Commercial Oystermen of Texas.  The suit seeks to force a company to stop the decade-long, illegal discharge of plastic pellets into the bay. Students helped draft a notice of intent to sue, toured the Bay and interviewed clients, and have provided litigation assistance on procedural and evidentiary issues.

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