Students and Faculty Visiting Aquarena Springs

Environmental Clinic

Clinic students use the environmental permitting and rulemaking process, litigation, and public education to improve public health and environmental quality for communities throughout Texas.  Among other things, students work on environmental permitting challenges, draft comments on rules, develop public education materials, participate in public meetings and contested case hearings, and assist with enforcement cases and rulemaking challenges in federal court.

The Environmental Clinic’s clients include individuals, neighborhood associations, nonprofits and local governments.  We frequently partner with Texas legal services organizations and with national environmental non-governmental organizations on our cases and projects.

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Cases and Projects

Working to help secure safe drinking water

The Clinic is investigating statewide compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act, researching common Texas violations, and identifying possible solutions and funding sources.  We are identifying system with long-standing, health-based violations and are developing a guide to help legal aid attorneys work with their clients and local public water systems to clean up unsafe drinking water.

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