Course Information

Course Description: Housing Policy Clinic

Law students stand in front of the Capital

Students in the Housing Policy Clinic work on cutting-edge policy projects to systemically advance low-income persons’ access to affordable, just, and secure housing.

The Housing Policy Clinic offers law students:

  • Deep engagement in the housing policy and law reform landscape
  • The opportunity to develop public policy solutions and legal reforms to the nation’s most pressing housing challenges
  • Close interaction with clients and other housing policy stakeholders
  • Development of an expansive range of lawyering skills, including:
    • Creative problem solving
    • Translating research findings into actionable and impactful policies
    • Law and policy analysis
    • Interviewing and counseling
    • Oral and written advocacy

HPC students work closely with the clinic faculty, clients, and other stakeholders, including housing advocacy organizations, government officials, and community organizations. Over the course of the semester, students complete a number of written deliverables for their clients, such as policy briefs, research reports, know your rights materials, model laws, and regulatory guidance. Students also have the opportunity to hone their oral advocacy skills, such as through delivering testimony to legislative and regulatory bodies.

Students should expect to spend a total of 16-18 hours per week in the Clinic, including class time. Students who have completed the Clinic may apply to participate as advanced clinic students for the spring semester. There are no prerequisites for this Clinic, but an application is required. To apply for the Clinic, please submit the online application.

For more information, contact Professor Heather Way at