Tag: Immigration Clinic: Perspectives

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    Working with my Immigration Clinic clients exposed me to the practical realities of immigration lawyering and the classroom discussions and supervision meetings helped me shape that exposure into important skills.
  • The Immigration Clinic has been one of my favorite experiences throughout law school! The most rewarding part is being able to help my community and feeling like I am making a difference in their lives as they fight for safety and security in this country.
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    My experiences with the Immigration Clinic absolutely exceeded my expectations. In my first year, opportunities to participate in pro bono work through the Clinic, including detention work, kept me motivated and reminded me why I decided to go to law school in the first place. As a Student Attorney in the Clinic during my second […]
  • My participation in the Immigration Clinic was one of the most enjoyable, valuable, and rewarding experiences of my law school career. My experiences in this clinic has taught me about loyalty to my clients, non-judgmentalism, managing a caseload and how to negotiate confidently with law enforcement agents. I learned how to build strong relationships with the people I was representing, […]
  • The Immigration Clinic is the best experience I can imagine having in law school. I was afforded the privilege to work with and directly represent some amazing and incredibly strong clients who kept faith in a couple of young law students throughout their detention and deportation proceedings. The clinic provided me with the opportunity to develop my research and writing skills […]
  • It has absolutely been an invaluable experience. The Immigration Clinic is truly the most rewarding project I have undertaken as a law student, and the opportunities the clinic program gives to students can’t be overstated. Professor Steglich’s work, support, guidance and mentorship made all the difference. We will keep the best hopes for our client […]
  • Leah Glowacki
    I absolutely loved participating in the Immigration Clinic at Texas Law. Doing everything from advocating for the release of families from detention to preparing asylum cases and engaging in interesting research motivated me to pursue a career defending immigrant’s rights. I will always be grateful for the opportunity the clinic offered to study and practice […]
  • I learned so much from Professors Steglich and Gilman during our time in the Immigration clinic and during the hearings for our client. I was very lucky to have had such a great student partner as well. I couldn’t have made it through everything without her partnership or our professor’s guidance. Although we didn’t get […]