Tag: Projects Centered on a Particular Nation

  • Students worked with the Ecuadorian Truth Commission and with the National Security Archives to obtain the release of classified U.S. documents on Ecuador. These documents informed the Ecuadorian Truth Commission while they investigated alleged human rights abuses over three decades, particularly during the administration of Ecuadorian President Leon Febres Cordero. Students also researched the pursuit […]
  • Students prepared a report to address the fact that rural employers are often not disciplined for not complying with legally-binding court orders in Guatemala. While the labor courts have vindicated the majority of rural workers’ claims against employers, their decisions are not enforced and frivolous appeals are not dismissed. The findings of the report were […]
  • Clinic students prepared a legal memo analyzing the different legal arguments to reopen the criminal investigation of a disappearance.  This memo was used by the prosecutor in one of the first and leading cases decided by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.   * Project completed by students in the Fall 2008 Human Rights Advocacy […]
  • Clinic students wrote an amicus brief for the trial against Peru’s former president, Alberto Fujimori, whose charges included human rights violations for three separate cases of massacres and kidnappings. The students argued that two of the cases, the Barrios Altos massacre and the disappearance and later killings of the Universidad de La Cantuta students and […]