Tag: Judicial Internship

  • Interning at the Texas Supreme Court was a great experience. It really helped me improve my legal research and writing skills and gave me practical skills that will be useful during my summer jobs and as I start my legal career.
  • As an intern for the 1st Texas Court of Appeals, I got the hands-on experience that was a perfect complement to a first year education – and I’d call those six weeks as important as the year that preceded it!  I highly recommended a judicial internship. One’s writing and research abilities improve dramatically.  An intern […]
  • After my 1L year, I did a summer internship with Judge John Leventhal, a state appellate court judge in Brooklyn, N.Y.  Judge Leventhal had previously been a teacher, so he was great about giving feedback and making sure his interns were learning every day.  I found the experience interesting because after a year of reading cases, […]