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Creators Syndicate July 3, 2024

Time to save republic from Supreme Court

A quote from Professor Sanford Levinson regarding the Supreme Court's influence over the interpretation of the Constitution was referenced in a column on the topic.
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The New York Times February 26, 2024

The Crisis in Teaching Constitutional Law

Professor Sanford Levinson comments on the Supreme Court's unconventional majority opinion in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen in an op-ed piece about the difficulty of teaching law students that constitutional law is impartial within the current political climate.
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The Harvard Gazette November 14, 2022

Let’s fix how we fix the Constitution

Professor Sanford Levinson analyzes the dysfunctionality of the Constitution — specifically Article V, the process for altering the Constitution.
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Politics in Question September 15, 2022

What’s wrong with the Constitution?

Professor Sanford Levinson is a guest on the podcast "Politics in Question" to discuss aspects of the U.S. Constitution that are undemocratic and about constitutional reform.