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Psychology Today April 24, 2024

Learn How to Argue from the Masters

Professor Ward Farnsworth's new book, Farnsworth’s Classical English Argument, is reviewed. The review points out that a culture of debate seems to have different psychological foundations, with an underlying commitment to an unspoken ethic or mindset—a background sense that everyone on both sides is part of an enterprise characterized by dignity.
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Reason Magazine March 17, 2024

The Ethics of Law Professor Amicus Briefs Revisited

Professor Ward Farnsworth's 2001 piece, "Talking Out of School: Notes on the Transmission of Intellectual Capital from the Legal Academy to Public Tribunals," is referenced in an article about the increase in the number of amicus briefs submitted by academics over the past several decades.
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Wall Street Journal June 25, 2022

‘The Socratic Method’ Review: Let Us Reason Together

Dean Ward Farnsworth's new book, "The Socratic Method: A Practitioner's Handbook," is comprehensively reviewed in an article that points out the author's premise that "the Socratic method is nothing rare or exotic, just everyday common sense and simple logic."
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The Millions February 11, 2022

The Lost Art of Not Knowing Something

Dean Ward Farnsworth's book, "The Socratic Method: A Practitioner's Handbook," is reviewed as being "learned, erudite, and elegant."