Early Registration

Early Registration for Fall 2024

Monday, March 25, 8:00 AM – Friday, March 29, 4:30 PM Central Time

All course requests are processed together immediately after the close of early registration. Early registration is not conducted on a first-come, first-served basis.

General Information

Course Requests

Please see the Help Page for more information on requests.

Make your course requests in order of preference, numbers 1–10, with 1 as the highest. List alternate courses in this section. The computer will assign no more than the maximum number of hours you designate. You may request more than one section of a course; the computer will not award the course twice.


Please see the Help Page for more information on awarding.

Three to five business days after the close of early registration, your awarded classes will be available to view via the Early Registration page. It will display your ranked classes along with the reason the class was awarded (or not).

Tuition Bills

Visit Texas One Stop for information on all other tuition and bill payment options. To view your tuition bill, visit the What I Owe page on UT Direct. If you do not pay or confirm your registration by the deadline, your registration will be cancelled, and you will have to Late Register and pay additional fees.

Tuition Bills will be emailed the week following the close of the add/drop period. Please be sure your email address is up to date per university policy.

If financial aid or scholarships pay for your tuition bill, you must still confirm your registration by visiting My Tuition Bill. This will ensure that your classes are not cancelled.