Texas Law 1L Law Firm Recruiting Program

In an effort to simplify 1L hiring for law firms, we have developed the Texas Law 1L Law Firm Recruiting Program. This Program allows your firm to register for a 1L resume book accessible on Symplicity on November 15, 2019.

Employer registration opens at noon on Tuesday, October 1, and closes on Friday, October 25, 2019.

How to Register

  1. Log in to Symplicity. Reminder: Your username is your complete email address.
  2. Select [Interview Programs] from the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  3. Select [Schedule Request].
  4. Click [Request a Schedule] button.
  5. From the [Sessions] drop-down menu, select [ Texas Law 1L Law Firm Recruiting Program 2019].

Once you have registered, your firm will be promoted to Texas Law 1Ls who will submit a resume directly to your firm’s personal resume book. You may follow up directly with any students from whom you want additional application materials (transcripts, writing sample, etc.) and/or first-semester grades (available in mid-January). We kindly request that, to the extent possible, you suspend recruiting contact from December 9 through December 20, 2019 (last exam date).

About the Program
Since firms update their NALP Directory of Legal Employers profiles early in the year, information regarding your firm’s interest in 1L hiring is not always current at the time law students are reviewing the NALP Directory (November to January). Some firms may want resumes as early as November 15 and others would rather not hear from students until first semester grades are received. The volume of paper and emails received directly from hundreds, if not thousands, of law students from November-January can be overwhelming. Please review our Recruiting Policies for Private-Sector Employers for more information on recruiting our first-year students.

On the student end, the traditional application process drives anxious law students to spend countless hours researching to find firms interested in 1Ls, and working on hundreds of individualized application packages (that must be perfect!), at the same time they are preparing for their very first, and critically important, law exams.