Flo Recruit Guide

  • Flo Recruit recommends using Chrome to access the site | Flo Recruit’s Virtual Resource Center and Help Center
  • Test your connection
    • To check your mic, start a test call. Go to the bottom right-hand of your screen and select [More], then click on Camera/microphone settings.
    • To check your video quality, start a test call. Go to the bottom right-hand of your screen and select [More], then click on Video quality.
    • Video chat troubleshooting
  • Blur background option available. Click the arrow next to the Camera icon > Select Blur background… > and choose the background blur level you like best.

For Students

For Employers

  • Flo Recruit Resources for Interviewing Employers
  • The organization’s designated contact will receive a separate email from [ @floevents.email ] with video links to each of your organization’s scheduled interviews. Please forward the schedule email to each representative as needed.
    • If you need to reassign a new interviewer, you may forward your links for them to attend in your place. However, the original interviewer’s name will remain on record in Flo Recruit. You may not forward links to more than one person as the original links may only be used by one person.
    • If you need to reassign more than one new interviewer, please email cso@law.utexas.edu with the names, emails, and times and we will resend new links to the interviewers.
    • Please let us know if there is a substitution so we may update Symplicity and Flo Recruit to send out new links to the reassigned interviewer(s)
  • Employers may have up to five representatives in the same interview. (With exception to the Public Service Career Fair – Table Talk
  • You will receive a notification when the next student on your schedule has entered the waiting room on Flo Recruit.
  • Please have each interviewer review Flo Recruit’s Employer Guide and test your connection to make sure everything is working prior to the event.
  • Watch Flo Recruit’s Virtual Training for Employers (58:31 minutes)

Action Items for Employers’ IT Team

  • Whitelist email domain. All emails from Flo Recruit with important scheduling and video chat information will come from the domain @floevents.email. Please whitelist this so we can ensure you receive this critical information.
  • Access the test room. Ask all interviewers to access the test video chat room from the place at which they will conduct interviews on their firm networks/devices. Ensure interviewers can accept their camera and microphone permissions.
  • Check network permissions to ensure video chat performance. First, ensure TCP/433 is allowed at flo.daily.co. This is to ensure a HTTPS connection can be established with Flo Recruit’s video chat servers. Secondly, adjust your firewalls such that they are configured to allow UDP hole punching and outgoing UDP on both of the following ports: 3478, which is used for signaling and media tunnelling, where necessary, and 40000 – 65534, which is used for direct peer-to-peer media connections. If this traffic is blocked, interviewers will not be able to meet with students via video chat. We have found that traffic may be treated differently on VPNs and office networks, so please check both to avoid problems. See this article for more detail.