Tips for Virtual Interviews

In addition to the tips below, please read “Not Another Zoom Meeting: Tips to Improve Your Virtual Persona” (Marsha Redman, NALP Bulletin, September 2020).

  • Practice using the interview software before your interview. Download any required plugins and accept the necessary permissions. You will also want to test your internet connection and your video and audio quality.
  • During the interview, focus on your web camera rather than your computer screen. To help with this, place the interviewer’s image as close to your webcam as possible.
  • Not all virtual interview platforms allow virtual backgrounds, so make sure your background is neat and not distracting. Try to keep the environment as professional as possible to mimic the setting of an in-person interview.
  • Conduct your virtual interviews in a place that is quiet and free from distractions. Turn off phone and computer notifications to avoid interruptions.
  • Make sure you are well-lit by placing a lamp in front of you.
  • Get completely dressed in professional attire, as you would for an in-person interview.
  • Sit tall with your shoulders back, not stiff, and head erect. Sitting up properly makes you appear visually strong and interested in what is going on.
  • Remember to smile and maintain eye contact with the camera.