Colin Pogge

I thoroughly enjoyed and professionally benefited from the U.S. Attorney Internship.  Working with seasoned prosecutors who have tried numerous cases is an incredible way to learn trial strategy – from investigation, to verdict, to sentencing.  Tony Brown, Chief of the Austin office, takes the time to get to know his interns and offers valuable insight into starting a career with the federal government.  The writing seminar that accompanies the internship allows students to work together, a rare opportunity for peer-to-peer collaboration in law school.  Professors Susan Klein and Tony Brown have a great dynamic which ensures that class discussions stay lively and interesting.  I would recommend the U.S. Attorney Internship to anyone who happens to have a little extra time in their schedule.  Not only will the internship strengthen important professional skills such as legal research and writing, it provides a peek into the real-world operation of the justice system that few others will ever experience.

Category: Testimonial