• Joe Starsia, Class of '20
  • Caitlin Machell, Class of '19
  • Ilana Leuchtag, Class of '19
  • Yaman Desai

    Interning at the Texas Supreme Court was a great experience. It really helped me improve my legal research and writing skills and gave me practical skills that will be useful during my summer jobs and as I start my legal career.

  • Sofia Meissner

    The class discussion component helped me think more about the work I want to do and it was a nice way to meet other public interest-minded students.

  • Colin Pogge, Class of '10

    Not only will the internship strengthen important professional skills such as legal research and writing, it provides a peek into the real-world operation of the justice system that few others will ever experience.

  • Kai Bernal

    The Prosecution Internship has been, by far, the most valuable course I've taken in law school. It teaches criminal law from a real world, hands-on perspective.

  • Ed Flores, Jr.

    I also was able to argue before the court and be with my supervising prosecutors to see firsthand the Texas criminal justice system at work.

  • Nick Jackson

    Because of the litigation experience I gained in the process, I think my internship was an important transitional step between legal education and practice.

  • Catherine Wagner

    The nonprofit internship class not only helped me get the best experience possible from my internship, it also pushed me to think about the type of lawyer I want to be and the role my legal career will play in my life as a whole.

  • Nicanor Pesina

    The experience I have gotten through this internship has proven that understanding the intersection of law and politics will be invaluable to me as a lawyer.

  • Michael Goldman

    An intern learns what a judge looks for in deciding a case, and develops a more complex and subtle understanding of and approach to the law.

  • Lisa Hart

    I found the experience interesting because after a year of reading cases, I was finally able to see the law applied in briefs and oral arguments, and was able to watch first-hand how judges come to their decisions

  • Meera Krishnan

    It was great to be able to gain more practical work experience outside of the law school, and the class really helped me develop my professional goals for both the semester and for my career after graduation!

  • Jessica Johnson

    From both a networking and experience standpoint, venturing outside of the law school to get my first chance of applying the legal knowledge I gleaned from my 1L year proved to be an incredibly rewarding experience.