Category: Testimonial

  • It is hard to imagine a better experience for deepening my understanding of immigration law and the broader picture of administrative law in general.
  • I have grown in my communication skills, legal analysis, client management, and overall confidence. I found it tremendously educationally valuable in that it gave me many challenges that I found ways to overcome.
  • The Semester in Practice Internship provides students with a breadth of substantive legal knowledge, but more importantly, it provides students with knowledge of the real working world, which can’t be learned in books.  It should be a required course.
  • Interning at the Texas Supreme Court was a great experience. It really helped me improve my legal research and writing skills and gave me practical skills that will be useful during my summer jobs and as I start my legal career.
  • Sofia Meissner
    I definitely recommend taking the nonprofit internship class. I gained a lot of practical skills and knowledge through my work at the Texas Civil Rights Project. I also enjoyed learning about my classmates’ experiences working at a range of local nonprofits. The class discussion component helped me think more about the work I want to […]
  • I thoroughly enjoyed and professionally benefited from the U.S. Attorney Internship.  Working with seasoned prosecutors who have tried numerous cases is an incredible way to learn trial strategy – from investigation, to verdict, to sentencing.  Tony Brown, Chief of the Austin office, takes the time to get to know his interns and offers valuable insight into […]
  • The Prosecution Internship has been, by far, the most valuable course I’ve taken in law school. It teaches criminal law from a real world, hands-on perspective. The weekly classroom presentations reinforce skills that are used by interns on a daily basis, and the trial strategies taught can be viewed in the courtroom on a daily […]
  • My prosecution internship was one of the best experiences that I had while in law school. I helped my supervising prosecutors on several felony cases including murder, sexual assault, and assault. In addition I got to see parts of two death penalty cases. I also was able to argue before the court and be with […]
  • My internship at the Texas Civil Rights Project was a valuable opportunity to get truly involved in litigation strategy. In more than one of the cases I worked on, I not only did legal research and drafting, but got involved in planning, negotiation strategy, and client interaction. Because of the litigation experience I gained in […]
  • The nonprofit internship class not only helped me get the best experience possible from my internship, it also pushed me to think about the type of lawyer I want to be and the role my legal career will play in my life as a whole. I highly recommend this course to all students who want […]