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  • For multiple legislative sessions, I worked as a staffer in the Texas Senate.  I had always planned to obtain a law degree, but after working in a policy environment, I realized the importance of the skills that legislative lawyers possessed. It was at that point that I went to law school with a set purpose: […]
  • As an intern for the 1st Texas Court of Appeals, I got the hands-on experience that was a perfect complement to a first year education – and I’d call those six weeks as important as the year that preceded it!  I highly recommended a judicial internship. One’s writing and research abilities improve dramatically.  An intern […]
  • After my 1L year, I did a summer internship with Judge John Leventhal, a state appellate court judge in Brooklyn, N.Y.  Judge Leventhal had previously been a teacher, so he was great about giving feedback and making sure his interns were learning every day.  I found the experience interesting because after a year of reading cases, […]
  • I really enjoyed working for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. It was great to be able to gain more practical work experience outside of the law school, and the class really helped me develop my professional goals for both the semester and for my career after graduation!
  • Jessica Johnson
    I’m so glad I cleared time in my schedule to take the Government Internship course. From both a networking and experience standpoint, venturing outside of the law school to get my first chance of applying the legal knowledge I gleaned from my 1L year proved to be an incredibly rewarding experience. At the Travis County […]