Professor Justin Driver, Judge Diane Wood honored for exemplary legal writing by the Green Bag

The Green Bag Almanac & Reader 2011 includes writing by two members of the UT Law community—Professor Justin Driver and Judge Diane Wood, ’75. Also known as an “Almanac of Useful and Entertaining Tidbits for Lawyers for the Year to Come & Reader of Exemplary Legal Writing from the Year Just Passed,” this annual collection is published by the highly regarded quarterly legal journal, the Green Bag. The collection recognizes outstanding legal writing from a variety of sources, which includes (but is not limited to) opinions, briefs, articles, reviews, orders, books, regulations, and speeches. Works for consideration are nominated and then voted upon by the journal’s Board of Advisors.

Driver’s review of Barry Friedman’s book The Will of the People earned his spot in the Almanac. Entitled “Why Law Should Lead,” the review first appeared in the April 8, 2010 issue of the New Republic. [A PDF copy of the article can be downloaded here.]

Wood’s concurrence in Bodum USA, Inc. v. La Cafetiere, Inc. was also honored [A PDF copy of the opinion can be downloaded here; Judge Wood’s concurrence begins on page 31.] and was published along with Judge Frank Easterbrook’s opinion for the Seventh Circuit in the same case.

Details about this publication, including a list of works nominated for inclusion and a list of the members of the Board of Advisors, can be found as a PDF on the Green Bag’s website.