2013 Chancellors Inducted

“When you truly put your client’s interests before your own,” 1978 Grand Chancellor Bill White,’79, told the 2013 Chancellors at their induction ceremony, “you will be a great lawyer.”

The Law School congratulates the members of the Class of 2013 who have been admitted to Chancellors, the Law School’s most prestigious honor society. Since 1912, Chancellors has recognized the law students who have achieved the highest grade point averages in their class through their second year of school.

The 2013 Chancellors were inducted into the century-old honor society on November 8, 2012, in a ceremony held at the Law School. Professor David Anderson, ’72, Fred & Emily Marshall Wulff Centennial Chair in Law, faculty advisor to the Chancellors, and 1971 Vice Chancellor, congratulated the Chancellors on their achievements and welcomed their families.

White, who has had a remarkable career as partner at Susman Godfrey, Deputy Secretary of Energy under President Bill Clinton, and three-term mayor of Houston, among many other accomplishments, shared his thoughts on becoming a great lawyer.

“Great lawyers take pride in the craft of law,” White said. “They are independent-minded and their judgment inspires trust and confidence in their clients. Great lawyers not only defend their client’s interests, they help their clients understand what their interests truly are.”

The Chancellors with the highest grade point averages are officers of the society for their year: Grand Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Clerk, and Keeper of the Peregrinus. The rest are Chancellors-at-Large. In the case of a tie in grade-point average, more than sixteen students can become Chancellors—as has happened this year—and more than one student can hold an officer’s title.

“This year two students tied for the highest grade point average, which means there are two Grand Chancellors—only the third time in the one hundred year history of the organization this has happened,” said Anderson. “This year is also remarkable in that we have two Vice-Chancellors and two Keepers of the Peregrinus. And because two of the Chancellors-at-Large also have identical GPAs, this year there are seventeen Chancellors.”

Additional information on the history of the honor society, including archival photographs from the Chancellors first century and lists of former Chancellors, can be found on the Chancellors website.

The 2013 Chancellors are:


Grand Chancellors

Andrew Tice Ingram

Ross Michael MacDonald


Vice Chancellors

Nathaniel H. Lipanovich

Colin Watterson



Brett Stephen Rosenthal


Keepers of the Peregrinus

Andrew Jacob Broadaway

Martha Louise Todd


Chancellors at Large

Julia Constance Barrett

Braden Alexander Beard

Dawson A. Brotemarkle

William Patrick Courtney

Monica Rae Hughes

Jonathan Louis Levy

Corbin Donald Page

Samia Beth Rogers

Lauren Kelley Ross

Collin Randall White

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