Denise L Gilman in the Media

Denise L Gilman’s faculty profile

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BBC May 4, 2024

Can Texas go it alone on border control?

Professor Denise Gilman discusses the implications of SB4, a Texas law that allows local and state police the power to arrest and charge people with illegal entry.
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KXAN April 17, 2024

The impacts of a new state-funded section of border wall

Professor Denise Gilman discusses the potential impacts of a new state-funded section of border wall, noting that increasing immigrant arrivals are a result of human rights situations in home countries rather than border enforcement measures.
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KVUE March 21, 2024

Texas SB 4: What we can VERIFY about the immigration law

Clinical professor Denise Gilman explains, in reference to Texas SB 4, that law enforcement will likely transport detained migrants across the border into Mexico, regardless of their nation of origin.
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KXAN March 1, 2024

Federal Judge Rules Against New Texas Border Law

Professor Denise Gilman is interviewed about a recent ruling against Texas' SB4 bill and previews the future legal battles and challenges that will take place over the law.