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The Christian Science Monitor February 28, 2024

Tough Texas immigration law nears. Residents have questions.

Clinical Professor Denise Gilman predicts that SB4, which expands Texas' immigration enforcement powers, will lead to a clash with the federal immigration system that would undermine constitutional federal authority.
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Tampa Bay Times February 20, 2024

DeSantis’ push to secure the US-Mexico border, explained

Clinical Professor Denise Gilman comments on how the increase in migrant apprehensions is straining federal resources, drawing attention to U.S. detention facilities' lack of space, high operational costs, and dangerous conditions.
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KBTX News 3 February 19, 2024

Senate Bill 4 moves to federal judge

Clinical Professor Denise Gilman considers the legal challenges surrounding the implementation of Senate Bill 4, which grants any Texas Law Enforcement Officers the authority to detain and potentially deport undocumented migrants.
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Bloomberg Law September 15, 2023

DACA Case Judge Has History of Ruling Against Deportation Relief

Clinical Professor Denise Gilman reviews Judge Andrew Hanen's history of blocking Obama-era immigration programs after the Texas federal judge ruled against the Biden administration's version of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.
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U.S. News & World Report June 21, 2023

How to Pick a Law School for an Immigration Law Career

Clinical Professor Denise Gilman provides factors that future immigration lawyers should consider when choosing a law school and emphasizes the numerous benefits of participating in an immigration clinic.