Court Debt Relief and Driver License Recovery Project

Students will assist individuals with driver license holds related to unpaid criminal justice debt. Students will work in pairs to meet with low-income drivers over Zoom, research the cause(s) of license suspensions, draft letters to courts requesting waiver of court debt, and explain the steps drivers must take to recover their licenses. Supervising attorneys and Pro Bono Scholars will work with students throughout the process.


Driver License Recovery Project, Mithoff Pro Bono Program

The Driver License Recovery Project is dedicated to addressing how driver license suspensions contribute to a cycle of incarceration for debt and create significant employment barriers in low-income communities.

Project Details

Project Start Date

September 2023

Approximate hours of work requested
10-15 hours including training, between training date and mid-October
Wednesday, February 1, 3:30pm-5pm (TNH 2.137)
Skills used
Client communication; records research; document preparation/review
Project location
727 E. Dean Keeton Street, Austin, TX 78705
Number of student volunteers requested
Class year preference
1L, 2L, 3L, LLM
To Apply
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