For Employers

Long recognized as a leading law school, Texas Law today continues a rich tradition of excellence in legal education. The training received and the courses offered provide our students the legal education necessary for practicing in any part of the U.S. or the world.

  • Texas Law offers 24 clinics and internship programs led by award-winning faculty and practicing attorneys;
  • Texas Law has won more than a dozen national moot court and mock trial championships in the past 10 years; and
  • In recent years, our graduates have clerked for judges on the U.S. Supreme Court, on every federal appellate circuit, on federal district and specialized courts, and on state courts of various levels both in Texas and around the country.

Whether you are a large or small law firm, a government agency, public interest organization, corporate counsel, or with the courts, we welcome an opportunity to speak with you about the recruiting options that Texas Law offers and hear your suggestions about how we can best serve your organization.

General Standards for the Timing of Offers and Decisions
As an interim measure, we have adopted NALP’s new Principles for a Fair and Ethical Recruitment Process, and are carrying forward former NALP Part V Standards for the Timing of Offers and Decisions. We will finalize and publish our own recruiting principles later in the semester for the coming 2L recruiting season.  Please note in particular that we are asking employers to provide our 1Ls two weeks in which to respond to offers for summer employment whenever possible.

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