Texas Law Faculty Among Most-Cited in the Country

From applicants’ LSAT scores to class rankings and beyond, the legal community places serious value on data-driven ordering. It’s thus no surprise that many in the legal academy pay careful attention to University of Chicago Prof. Brian Leiter’s annual lists of “most-cited” law faculty on his website, Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports. Leiter (a former Texas Law professor) has developed a methodology based on data from Professor Gregory Sisk & colleagues’ scholarly impact ratings, looking at mean and median citations to tenured faculty scholarship for the years 2013-2017.

The Texas Law faculty is well represented on Leiter’s lists:

  • Robert Bone (Civil Procedure and Intellectual Property & Cyberlaw)
  • Robert Chesney (Law & Security)
  • William Forbath (Legal History)
  • Sanford Levinson (Constitutional Law)
  • Thomas McGarity (Public Law)
  • Linda Mullenix (Civil Procedure)
  • Jay Westbrook (Commercial Law)

In addition, Abe Wickelgren was identified by Leiter as a notable scholar in the area on Economics & Law, in a post titled, “Don’t Confuse Citation Counts With Quality.”)

As an institution, Texas Law was on the website’s ‘Top Law Schools Based on Scholarly Impact,’ along with the school’s “most-cited” faculty overall based on Leiter’s methodology.

They are:

  • Lynn Baker
  • Robert Bone
  • John Golden
  • Sanford Levinson
  • Thomas McGarity
  • Linda Mullenix
  • Lawrence Sager
  • Charles Silver
  • Stephen Vladeck
  • Wendy Wagner
  • Jay Westbrook

To read the lists in full visit Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports.