Students Say “Thank You” For Scholarship Supporters

Texas Law continued an old tradition on March 31, but gave it a new twist.

Every year, the school invites scholarship supporters to come to campus to meet with students and be recognized by the dean. It’s a chance for those supporters—often alumni or the surviving family and friends of past donors—to learn what scholarships students are doing in today’s law school and their plans for the future. Such events are part of the law school’s commitment to fostering a culture of gratitude and reminding students of the role played by scholarships in making the school great. The hope, of course, is that today’s students will one day pay it forward.

After a massively successful event in Fall 2019, in which over 350 students, faculty, and alumni and the scholarship supporters gathered in the University of Texas Alumni Center for a luncheon, speeches, and special videos, the scholarship recognition event had to be paused for Fall 2020 in the face of challenges presented by COVID-19. But the school remained determined to do something before the academic year was over.

Watch video of the online event

“We knew we had move the event online,” said Christopher Roberts, the School of Law’s communications director. “But we wanted something more than a regular Zoom. These special guests are some of the most important people in our world. Without these scholarships, it would be impossible for us to have these incredible students and to be as excellent as we are.”

The choice was made to partner with On Location Live, a platform that allowed the school to host the event as a live performance. Roberts also made the decision to forego some of the usual components of donor recognition events past, such as speeches from the dean or other administrators, in favor of turning all the content over to students themselves. While the event did have a host—Permanent Class President of the Class of 2018, David Holmes, an attorney based in Austin and himself the recipient of a Chancellor’s Scholarship while at Texas Law—the main speakers were four current scholarship recipients.

In addition, viewers were treated to an epic performance by the Supreme Chorus, Texas Law’s a cappella group. Their song, “You Gave Back,” a parody of “You’ll Be Back,” from the hit musical Hamilton, was a favorite with the audience.

The event was recorded and can be viewed on the law school’s YouTube channel.

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