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Bloomberg April 6, 2023

Balance of Power (4/6/2023)

Professor Tara Grove is interviewed about ethics rules that apply to Supreme Court justices in relation to reports of Justice Clarence Thomas receiving perks gifted by Republican donor Harlan Crow.
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Bloomberg Sound On April 6, 2023

Sound On: Donald Trump Arraignment

Professor Tara Leigh Grove was a guest on a podcast discussing the unprecedented indictment of former president Donald Trump.
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Law360 January 6, 2023

How Alito Became The Lightning Rod of the High Court

Professor Tara Leigh Grove comments on how Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito is perceived in an article about how he has transformed himself into a symbol for the court's current bold and conservative image.
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BBC October 4, 2022

Key cases to watch as US Supreme Court returns

Professor Tara Leigh Grove comments on what the upcoming judicial year could bring as the U.S. Supreme Court returns this month with new Justice Ketanji Brown.