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NPR March 13, 2024

What’s behind Bitcoin’s Bull Run?

Professor Henry Hu emphasizes difficulties in ascertaining the intrinsic value of bitcoins and that some are simply trying catch the bottom of inevitable ups and downs in human psychology.
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Wall Street Journal January 21, 2024

Votes for Sale! A Startup Is Letting Shareholders Sell Their Proxies

Professor Henry Hu expresses concern about the potential for abuse in the practice of buying and selling shareholder votes in an article about a small California-based startup that runs auctions for the rights to vote in shareholder meetings.
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NPR January 4, 2024

WTF is a bitcoin ETF?

Professor Henry Hu questions the potential approval of a Spot Bitcoin ETF by the SEC in an episode of The Indicator, emphasizing the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments.
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NPR December 30, 2023

The crypto comeback

Professor Henry Hu comments on the potential comeback of cryptocurrency in 2024, emphasizing the difficulty in determining the intrinsic value of bitcoin and the risks involved in the volatile market.
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Financial Times May 16, 2022

Is Elon Musk too big to regulate?

Professor Henry Hu is quoted and his views referenced in a story on how Elon Musk’s tweets and other behavior may relate to the basic disclosure tenet of US securities regulation, and how, broadly speaking, the SEC’s central reason for being is at stake.
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Financial Times April 27, 2022

The dollar ascendant – And the SEC vs. activists again

Professor Henry Hu is quoted on the SEC’s need to balance the goal of incentivizing and facilitating shareholder activism against the goal of decreasing information asymmetry and ensuring accurate stock market pricing.
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Financial Times April 20, 2022

Hedge funds and brokers take aim at post-Archegos trading reforms

Professor Henry Hu is quoted extensively in an April 20, 2022 Financial Times story on the SEC Chairman Gensler’s efforts to improve disclosures in the swaps market, which the story said was among his “top priorities for reforming markets.” Professor Hu said the reforms were “seminal and long overdue.”