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Lawfare September 15, 2023

The Lawfare Podcast: The Question of Removal

Professor Lee Kovarsky is a guest on a podcast discussing the question of whether the Fulton County trial of Donald Trump and his co-defendants will be removed to federal court.
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Law360 July 21, 2023

How Habeas Corpus Ruling May Condemn Innocent Prisoners

Professor Lee Kovarsky speaks on the Supreme Court's interpretation of the savings clause in Jones v. Hendrix and how the decision could impair the ability of imprisoned people to challenge their sentences.
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Law360 July 8, 2022

The Great Writ In Danger: Where Is Habeas Corpus Headed?

Professor Lee Kovarsky discusses the threatened future of habeas corpus, a right for incarcerated people to challenge their detention, following a recent ruling where two death-row inmates were prevented from presenting evidence to prove inadequate legal representation.