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Diane Rehm: On My Mind February 15, 2024

The Supreme Court, Donald Trump And The 2024 Election

Professor Steve Vladeck joins a podcast to discuss how Donald Trump's two cases before the Supreme Court are intertwined and reflective of the Court's role in American democracy.
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CNN February 11, 2024

Opinion: Super Bowl isn’t the only big game

Professor Steve Vladeck's opinion piece, which maintains that the Supreme Court cannot completely isolate itself from politics following hearings for Donald Trump's ballot eligibility case, is featured in CNN's weekly op-ed roundup.
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CNN February 8, 2024

Opinion: Why the Supreme Court is playing politics on Trump

Professor Steve Vladeck pens an opinion piece analyzing how institutional politics are influencing the Supreme Court's decision in Donald Trump's 14th Amendment case concerning his removal from Colorado's primary ballot.
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MSNBC February 7, 2024

The bad-faith argument against good-faith accountability for Trump

Professors Lee Kovarsky and Steve Vladeck co-author an opinion piece asserting that, despite arguments to the contrary, prosecuting former president Donald Trump will not open the floodgates of bad-faith prosecutions nor accelerate politically charged lawsuits against former presidents.
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On Point by NPR January 31, 2024

The standoff at the U.S.-Mexico border

Professor Steve Vladeck discusses how Governor Greg Abbott's attempt to override the federal government and put Shelby Park under state jurisdiction contradicts traditional interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.