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Sirius XM October 31, 2023

Prof. Steven Collis on Students’ First Amendment Rights

In a podcast episode of "The Dan Abrams Show," Professor Steven Collis discusses students' First Amendment rights on college campuses and whether pro-Palestinian groups can be banned from universities.
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Fox 7 November 1, 2022

Llano County residents sue over book bans

Professor Steven Collis is quoted in an article about the censorship of books in Llano County, explaining the lack of legal clarity regarding a library's discretion to add or remove books from their collection.
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Market Place September 12, 2022

Marketplace Morning Report

Regarding a recent court ruling that Affordable Care Act requirements to cover HIV prevention drugs violate the religious freedom of companies providing healthcare coverage, Professor Steven Collis commented on the unlikelihood that many companies would try to apply this limitation to their employees.