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Washington Monthly January 16, 2024

How to Fix the Supreme Court

Professor William Forbath's book The Anti-Oligarchy Constitution and its concept of "popular constitutionalism" are featured in an article proposing potential methods of Supreme Court reform.
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The New Yorker October 4, 2023

How Do We Survive the Constitution?

"The Anti-Oligarchy Constitution," co-authored by Professor William Forbath, was reviewed as a “wonderfully counterintuitive” book in an essay addressing the Constitution and the rise of the right.
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The Majority Report December 26, 2022

The Anti-Oligarchy Constitution

Professor William Forbath is interviewed on the book he co-authored – "The Anti-Oligarchy Constitution: Reconstructing the Economic Foundations of Democracy" – in a podcast.
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New Republic September 6, 2022

Economics, Democracy, and Freedom: It’s All One Argument

The book co-authored by Professor William Forbath, "The Anti-Oligarchy Constitution," is quoted in an article about the relationship between economic equality, political equality, and democracy.
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American Journal of Law and Equity August 15, 2022

Dualist Popular Constitutionalism – A Reply to Michelman

William Forbath and co-author Joseph Fishkin respond to Frank Michelman's essay on the arguments presented in their book, The Anti-Oligarchy Constitution, while expanding upon several key concepts .
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Boston Review June 23, 2022

Beyond Neoclassical Antitrust

Professor William Forbath's book co-authored with Joseph Fiskin, "The Anti-Oligarchy Constitution," is cited as making a powerful case for the affirmative governance obligations created by the Constitution.
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New Books Network March 31, 2022

Book Review: The Anti-Oligarchy Constitution

The Anti-Oligarchy Constitution, co-authored by Texas Law Professor William Forbath and Joseph Fishkin, was reviewed as "a revolutionary retelling of constitutional history."
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Washington Monthly March 21, 2022

The Too Supreme Court

In a review by Washington Monthly, Professor William Forbath's book, The Anti-Oligarchy Constitution, is described as a "brilliant new book" that challenges the traditional views many people hold about the court. It was co-authored with Joseph Fishkin.