United Nations Complaint – Human Rights Violations in U.S. Professional Sports Leagues with Texas Law Human Rights Clinic

Students will draft a Joint General Allegation concerning human rights violations in U.S. professional sports leagues for submission to a group of Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations. The Joint General Allegation will build on work performed by the Texas Law Human Rights Clinic that resulted in the report Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Remedying Human Rights Violations in U.S. Professional Sports Leagues. The report highlights current arbitration procedures within the professional sports leagues that deny key stakeholder the right to an effective remedy and due process, and provides recommendations for implementing a human rights framework into the leagues’ arbitration systems.


Texas Law Human Rights Clinic

The Human Rights Clinic brings together an interdisciplinary group of law and graduate students in a course that incorporates both classroom study and hands-on participation in human rights projects and cases.

Project Details

Project Start Date

September 2023

Approximate hours of work requested
30-40 hours during September and October 2023
Training and ongoing supervision will be provided by Professor Ariel Dulitzky
Skills used
Legal research/writing
Project location
Human Rights Clinic at Texas Law; students may perform much of the required work at a location of their choice
Number of student volunteers requested
Class year preference
1L, 2L, 3L, LLM
To Apply
Submit email stating interest to adulitzky@law.utexas.edu; application emails received by Thursday, September 7 will receive priority consideration