Barbara Bintliff Delivers Keynote at GLIN Directors Meeting in Seoul

Barbara Bintliff, center, with, from left to right, Dr. Francisco Xavier Vergara Ortiz, Secretary General of the National Assembly of Ecuador; Dr. Jae Il Yoo, Chief Librarian, Korean National Assembly; Claire M. Germain, Edward Cornell Professor, Cornell University Law School; and Je Se Oh, Member, Korea National Assembly

Barbara Bintliff, Joseph Hutcheson Professor in Law and director of the Tarlton Law Library, delivered the keynote lecture to the Plenary Session of the Seventeenth Annual GLIN Directors Meeting in Seoul, South Korea, on September 6, 2010, held at the Korean National Assembly. GLIN, the Global Legal Information Network, is a cooperative, not-for-profit federation of more than fifty countries that contribute legal information to the electronic GLIN database of primary national law. The meeting was attended by representatives of more than twenty-five countries, and included members of South Korea’s National Assembly and other government officials.

Bintliff’s lecture, “Keeping our Laws Safe,” urged national governments to develop procedures for ensuring that the laws they promulgate in electronic formats remain unaltered by both malicious acts and accidental changes and deletions. She also called for the implementation of processes to provide for an electronic certification of authenticity. Following the lecture, Bintliff and other speakers were honored at a formal luncheon with members of the Korean National Assembly, visiting dignitaries, and GLIN meeting delegates.

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