Texas Law ranked best in the country for salary-to-debt ratio

dsc_10963-e1436980012826University of Texas Law School graduates have the best salary-to-debt ratio in the country, according to a new ranking by US News and World Report.

Ward Farnsworth, dean at Texas Law, was pleased with the recognition.

“Our law school is committed to being the best at what counts the most: producing great outcomes for our students,” Farnsworth said. “That’s always been the hallmark of this place.”

The recognition follows earlier US News rankings that have said Texas Law provides a better return on investment than any other law school in the country.

The US News study compared the average debt of recent graduates with their median starting salaries in the private sector. Texas was ranked first among all law schools.  The distance between Texas and the #2 school was greater than the distance between #2 and #5.

Farnsworth said the ranking is especially valued in an era of concern about the cost of law school.

“Applicants are understandably focused on their ability to pay off their loans. Fortunately ours have an easier time than most.”

Farnsworth attributed the ranking partly to the school’s network of loyal alumni.

“Our mission is to help our students get great jobs. That’s why they come here,” he said.  “We couldn’t do it without the amazing loyalty of our graduates all over the country. They really take care of their own.”

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