Texas Law Tops Lawdragon Campus Law School Tour

University of Texas School of LawLawdragon Campus launched an ambitious project in 2016: visiting every law school in America to “get a real perspective on legal education – beyond the headlines.” The first set of conclusions from that project were published last week, in the article “Top 10 Moments from the Law School Road Trip“:

University of Texas Law School is tops for us – why? It’s at the forefront of the student-centric flip in legal education, led by Dean Ward Farnsworth. Also – and this gets complicated, but you can read here for a preview – there is no law school that can touch it within 1,154 miles in any direction. And it’s #1 in a state that mightily matters, and which it dominates.”

Read the entire article for more information about Lawdragon’s law school road trip. And be sure to see their earlier post about Texas Law, “University of Texas Law School a Powerhouse Without Peer.”

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