🤘Student Spotlight: Gabriel Loya

For this edition of Texas Law’s Student Spotlight series, meet 2L Gabriel Loya!

portrait of Gabriel Loya, standing outside Townes Hall

Q: Where did you go and what did you study as an undergraduate?
A: As a proud El Pasoan, I obtained my bachelor’s degree in political science at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP).

What activities have you participated in while at Texas Law?
Last summer, I had the incredible experience of participating in the Summer Judicial Internship program and could not recommend it enough! I am currently an associate editor for the Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy, a member of the Chicano/Hispanic/Latino Law Student Association, and a mentor for the Pipeline Program. 

What made you want to become a lawyer?
As the son of two immigrant parents, growing up in the U.S. was a constant uphill battle for my parents and me. While studying political science during undergrad, I attended the Law School Preparation Institute at UTEP and had the realization that being a lawyer was the best way for me to help people in similar positions and correct injustices.

Can you describe your favorite Texas Law moment?
One of my favorite Texas Law moments wasn’t a single moment but rather a recurring “bit” that Prof. [Andrew] Kull loved to do in my 1L contracts class. Whenever Prof. Kull asked for the facts of a case, he would often reply, “Well, that’s just what the lawyers said after they got sued.” He didn’t want to know what the case said, or what the parties said during the trial, he wanted to know the real reason behind the facts. (This was) a valuable lesson to always look beyond the margins of a case and look for the real reason why people do what they do.

What made you choose Texas Law?
I chose Texas Law for several reasons. Being a native Texan, I wanted to stay close to home and close to the politics that impact my friends and family. Additionally, I was impressed by Texas Law’s commitment to public service. Lastly, several of my mentors are alumni of Texas Law, including my undergraduate legal writing professor, Justice Lisa Soto of the Eighth Court of Appeals.

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