🤘Student Spotlight: Mackenzie Jeter

In this edition of Texas Law’s Student Spotlight series, we meet 2L Mackenzie Jeter, as we close out the fall 2023 semester.

Mackenzie Jeter

Q: What made you want to become a lawyer?
A: Since I was young, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to make a difference in this world—no matter how small. This drive led me to law school because I believe my legal education will allow me to positively impact and change the law, which is the root of a lot of the injustice that exists today.

What did you wish you knew before becoming a law student at UT?
I wish that I knew it was all going to be okay! I remember feeling very overwhelmed and anxious about the fact that I knew nothing about the law. However, the reality is that your time at Texas Law will teach you all that you need to know. The stress is truly not worth it.

What has your experience working on the Texas Law Review been like?
My time on the Texas Law Review has been a rewarding experience that has not only challenged me academically, but allowed me to have the opportunity to work hard alongside my fellow classmates. We may spend a lot of our time debating over arbitrary grammar rules, but it is truly so fun to work as a team in order to accomplish the same common goal.

Describe your favorite Texas Law moment.
There are so many! But to choose only one, I would say that my favorite moment was participating in the society games. My society was really competitive and we all bought in to trying to win the title. It was the perfect excuse to cut loose and have fun! (P.S. Cadena was definitely robbed of the title!)

Mackenzie Jeter in front of the U.S. Capitol Building

What’s your favorite lunch spot?
I love sitting in the comfy chairs in the courtyard. It is the perfect place to take a break and get some much-needed sun!

How were you able to take advantage of your summer?
Last summer I was able to clerk with the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington, D.C. This role allowed me to see and do some amazing things! The best part, however, was getting to research and write a memo for the senators regarding the constitutionality of the Supreme Court ethics bill.

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