🤘Student Spotlight: Jay Yoon

For this edition of Texas Law’s Student Spotlight series, meet Marine veteran and 3L Jay Yoon!

Texas Law 3L Jay Yoon

Q: How did your experience in the armed forces help prepare you for law school?
A: I was a captain in the Marine Corps, serving as an artillery officer for six years. My time in the Marines taught me how to be comfortable with discomfort, work hard, and stay in the fight every day. This helped me be prepared mentally for law school, where everything about 1L was a new, unfamiliar experience, especially as a first-generation law student coming in nine years after my undergraduate years.

What attracted you to Texas Law?
I had 10 different mailing addresses on three continents in my six years in the Marines, so I was very ready to come back to my home state of Texas. Texas Law had the perfect mix of a top legal education and school culture in an exciting city, plus I could visit my parents in Dallas pretty easily.

Tell us about your involvement in the Society Games and what you enjoyed the most about it.
The Society Games is a fun field day where you get to put down your casebooks and enjoy being outside, making memories with your classmates. What I enjoy the most is how hyped-up people (including myself) get over objectively silly games like the sponge relay.

What is your favorite thing about the culture of UT?
It’s just a friendly vibe here. I love that Texas Law intentionally cultivates a very collegial student atmosphere. Everyone is smart and hard-working and off to do great things, but I have yet to come across anyone who I would consider rude or cutthroat.

What’s your best advice for incoming 1Ls?
Know what motivates you and what fills your cup (two different things!), and try to make those things as much a part of your regular schedule as your classwork. And when people help you out, pay it forward.

What is your plan following graduation?
I’ll be joining Foley & Lardner in the firm’s business litigation and white-collar/government enforcement groups. I had two great summers there and look forward to finally getting after it as a litigator.

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