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Wilmer Hale December 21, 2022

The Other Side Says Your Evidence Is A Deepfake. Now What?

In an article about the reliability of video evidence, a term coined by Dean Bobby Chesney is referenced. "Liar's dividend," refers to the tactic of
individuals playing upon the existence of "deepfakes" to challenge the authenticity of genuine media.    
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Lawfare October 21, 2022

The Biden Administration’s New Policy on Drone Strikes

Dean Bobby Chesney was featured in an episode of The Lawfare Podcast, where he discussed how U.S. counterterrorism operations have changed in recent years, how Biden’s approach compares to previous policies, and the future significance of these changes.
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Brookings May 11, 2022

Legal Regimes Governing Cyberactivity and Cyberwarfare

Associate Dean Bobby Chesney's participation in the Congressional Study Group on Foreign Relations and National Security is included in an article summarizing a meeting that discussed international and national legal governance over cyber activity and cyber warfare