Video: Professors Scot Powe and Steve Bickerstaff discuss Citizens United, on UT’s Know online magazine

Law School Professor Scot Powe and Steve Bickerstaff discuss the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court decision and its impact on the influence of money in politics in this video from UT’s Know online magazine.

Powe is the Anne Green Regents Chair in Law and was a principal commentator for the 2007 four-part PBS series The Supreme Court. Powe recently published The Supreme Court and the American Elite, which provides a revealing look at the history of the court and the close ties between its decisions and the nation’s politics.

Bickerstaff is an adjunct professor in the School of Law. Bickerstaff has written extensively on the politics of redistricting and recently wrote an opinion piece for Know titled “The real effects of corporate spending in elections.”

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