🤘 STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Jonathan Ladd ’25

Jonathan Ladd headshot

For this edition of Texas Law’s Student Spotlight series, meet 1L Jonathan Ladd!

Q: Where did you do your undergraduate/graduate work, and what did you major in?

A: I did my undergraduate and graduate work at Abilene Christian University. As an undergraduate, I doublemajored in Political Science and English. In graduate school, I got an M.A. in English.

What thing have you learned in law school that has surprised you most?

I suppose the flexibility that statutory law gives lawyers and judges alike surprised me the most. Going in, I expected the text of a law to be a greater barrier to interpretation than it has been thus far.

How has your experience in standup comedy helped you in law school?

My standup comedy experience is more an instance than a career as I’ve only done it once, but I’ve kept writing jokes and materials since then. The time I’ve spent jokewriting and the (one) time I did standup developed my ability to separate a complex issue into its more basic parts, as jokewriting (at least for me) involves a formulaic breakdown of the comedic elements of any given joke in order to improve it.

What has made you feel part of the Texas Law community?

The general friendliness of the entire program. Regardless of background or political affiliation, individuals at the law school have been friendly and collegial.

What’s your favorite study spot?

I’m a big fan of the communal study space on the third floor of the library. I like a little noise while I’m working, so it’s nice to be up there with friends.

Have you adopted any favorite traditions as a law student?

One law school tradition I had to get used to was their love for Cabo Bob’s. I’ll have eaten so much Cabo Bob’s by the time I graduate that I don’t think I’ll want to eat another taco for the rest of my life!

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