🤘Student Spotlight: Mansi Chauhan

For this edition of Texas Law’s Student Spotlight series, meet 3L Mansi Chauhan!

Mansi Chauhan

Q: Where did you go and what did you study as an undergraduate?
A: I attended the University of Texas at Dallas, graduating with a B.S. in Neuroscience and a minor in Business Administration.

What activities have you participated in while at Texas Law?
I am currently the vice president of APALSA and THLS, and I had the privilege of serving on the board of Thriving in Law School for the last two years. Additionally, I’ve contributed to the Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal as a staff editor since my 1L year. During my 1L summer, I interned for Tenable, a cybersecurity company based in the D.C. area. This past summer, I was a summer associate at Workman Nydegger, an IP boutique in Salt Lake City.

What made you choose Texas Law?
I chose Texas Law for its exceptional faculty, unparalleled connections, and diverse student community. Each person I’ve encountered has played an invaluable role in my support system—be it a fellow student, an esteemed professor, or an administration member. Attending a law school with a rich tapestry of backgrounds and perspectives was important to me, enhancing the depth and impact of my experience here.

What are some ways that you manage stress and compartmentalize/maintain a healthy balance between school and life?
Managing my time has been my biggest personal challenge over the last three years. I grew up dancing, was on a dance team in college, and now I try to go to workshops when I can. After spending a summer in Salt Lake City, I’ve become an avid hiker and plan to explore some hikes around Austin once it cools down. Staying connected to family and friends outside of law school has significantly helped me maintain my sanity as well.

Mansi Chauhan dance pose

What other qualities did your dance background help develop that are helpful to you now?
Dance taught me a lot of things, and one of the key lessons was echoed in a book I read recently, “Atomic Habits”: consistent effort over time matters. Trying to get a piece of choreography stage-ready in 24 hours straight usually doesn’t work, but working on it for 24 hours over the course of a few weeks can get you there.

How do you envision your life after law school?
After taking (and hopefully passing) the bar I will be returning to Workman Nydegger in Salt Lake City. I intend to continue doing pro bono work in healthcare law and will step into more of a mentorship role for both pre-law and current law students. 

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