🤘Student Spotlight: Morgan Bates

For this edition of Texas Law’s Student Spotlight series, meet 2L Morgan Bates!

Morgan Bates

Q: What made you choose Texas Law?
A: I remember choosing Texas Law after a conversation with a current 3L. After so many conversations with law students across the country, she’s the only person who ever described her experience with such positivity with an emphasis on the community here. At that moment, I knew that Texas Law was for me.

Can you describe your favorite Texas Law moment to date?
During my 1L year, I competed in the novice mock trial competition with my partner, Nathan Morgan. Our final round was judged by U.S. District Judge Albright, which was so terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. Nathan and I won the competition and now have a plaque on the advocacy wall!

What do you like most about competing mock trials and how is that activity impacting your law school experience?
I dedicate my time to the interscholastic mock trial teams because the competitions are genuinely such a fun way to learn how to try a case. There’s nothing better than spending hours perfecting a case theory, writing a closing argument, or finding all of the little pieces of evidence that can make or break your case.

What is your favorite book to recommend to friends?
Literally anything written by Jon Krakauer. He writes the most poetic and powerful nonfiction journalism.

How do you envision your life after Texas Law?
I hope to start a career as a trial lawyer in Houston (my hometown). I’m personally looking forward to having a cute backyard for my Sheepadoodle, Leo, and a salary to get him more toys. After all, I’ve been promising him that all my hard work is going to pay off for him soon. Fingers crossed!

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