Author: Suzi Morales

  • As an empirical scholar on corporate structure and governance, Jens Dammann takes an unbiased deep dive into how – and where – companies operate.
  • Portrait of Prof. Mechele Dickerson, wearing a pink shirt and pink and black scarf
    Law school classes aren’t often based on current events, and for good reason. Headline news can make for good hypotheticals, but the risks include being overly reactionary and just plain getting it wrong. Professor Mechele Dickerson hasn’t just pulled lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and the Trump presidency into the courses she teaches. She has […]
  • portrait of Prof. Richard Albert
    On the evening of October 30, 1995, a teenaged Richard Albert was sitting at his home in Ottawa with his mother. They were watching TV coverage of returns from the referendum on whether Quebec should secede from Canada. Albert vividly recalls the tension he felt as a Quebecer but “first and foremost a Canadian” who did […]
  • Portrait of Prof. Elizabeth Sepper wearing a black shirt underneath a grey and white jacket.
    Elizabeth Sepper’s formal title is Professor of Law, but it could also just as well be Professor of Gray Areas. With a focus at the intersections of equality, healthcare, and religious rights, Sepper’s extensive scholarship probes the ambiguities and potential conflicts among these subjects. “I don’t think I fit in a box. I’m a bit […]
  • Prof. Erik Encarnacion
    When many lawyers think about the first year of law school, they recall coffee-fueled discussions about the theories behind contract consideration and tort law remedies. Texas Law Assistant Professor Erik Encarnacion wants to change the way the profession thinks about these foundational concepts. Encarnacion’s current research includes a series of articles on how resilience can […]