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KVUE February 16, 2024

Paxton associate Nate Paul’s trial set for November 6

Regarding the case of Austin real estate developer Nate Paul, Director of Advocacy Mike Golden explains why cases involving financial crimes often have a high number of submitted documents and stresses the importance of making the information understandable for the jury.
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CNN February 11, 2024

Opinion: Super Bowl isn’t the only big game

Professor Steve Vladeck's opinion piece, which maintains that the Supreme Court cannot completely isolate itself from politics following hearings for Donald Trump's ballot eligibility case, is featured in CNN's weekly op-ed roundup.
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Bloomberg Television February 9, 2024

Tara Leigh Grove on Trump Ballot Challenge

Professor Tara Leigh Grove discusses Donald Trump's challenge of his removal from Colorado's ballot and additionally provides insight into why President Biden was not charged in the classified documents case.
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The New York Times February 8, 2024

A Ruling for Trump on Eligibility Could Doom His Bid for Immunity

Professor Tara Leigh Grove notes the Supreme Court is perceived as more legitimate when it rules for different sides of the political aisle, and predicts the justices will consequently rule both for and against Donald Trump in his upcoming ballot eligibility and federal criminal prosecution immunity cases, respectively.