Texas Law News

Capital Punishment Clinic Wins New Penalty Trial for Client

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals issued an opinion on Wednesday, April 28, 2010, vacating the death sentence of Roy G. Smith. Smith was represented in his appeal by University of Texas School of Law Professors Rob Owen and Jordan Steiker, assisted by the students of the Law School’s Capital Punishment Clinic.

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New leader for Tarlton Law Library

Barbara Bintliff, law library director at the University of Colorado at Boulder, accepts position as library director and Joseph C. Hutcheson Professor in Law.

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Video: Clinical Professor Ranjana Natarajan discusses national security and the right to privacy, on UT’s Know online magazine

In this video from UT’s Know online magazine, she explains the necessary balancing act that occurs in the United States legal system, as citizens challenge the use of new and more invasive defense technologies such as whole-body scanners in airports. From Guantanamo Bay to police searches, Natarajan clarifies the significance of the rule of law and the writ of habeas corpus in maintaining national security.

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