Mithoff Pro Bono Scholars

The Mithoff Pro Bono Scholars Program offers Texas Law students an opportunity to develop project design, project management, training, supervision, and team communication skills, in addition to practical lawyering skills involving client communication and legal document preparation.

Students selected as Mithoff Scholars will work closely with the Mithoff Program Director and other program attorneys and staff to plan and implement pro bono projects and conduct research, intake, and outreach that further the mission of the Mithoff Program. Mithoff Scholars play a key role in the operation of the Mithoff Program’s assisted pro se clinics, as well as other pro bono projects developed by Texas Law faculty, attorneys, and students. Through these clinics and projects, Texas Law students provide over 10,000 hours of pro bono legal services to over 500 low-income individuals and families during each academic year.

Applications for the 2024-2025 Mithoff Scholars Program will be available in March 2024.

2022-23 Mithoff Pro Bono Scholars

Top/7th Row (Left to Right) – Charlie Gibson ’24, Justin Atkinson ’24, Jared Schwartz ’24, Geran Landen ‘23

6th Row (Left to Right) – Jordan Hyden ’24, Nora Dolan ‘24, Tyler Larsen ‘23, Danny Woodward ‘23

5th Row (Left to Right) – Alex Alberty ’24, Harper High ’24, Megan Day ‘24

4th Row (Left to Right) – Olivia Pacheco ’24, Alexa Bussman ’24, Kalyn McDaniel ‘24

3rd Row (Left to Right) – Amy Austern ‘24, Olivia Horton ’23, Em Eagle ’24, Priyam Madhukar ’24,

2nd Row (Left to Right) – Ana Cruz ’24, Sarah Luckey Clifford ’24, Kiara Vaughters ‘24

1st Row (Left to Right) – Zoe Dobkin ’24, McKenzie Green ‘23, Jessica Martinez ’24, Michelle Nguyen ‘24

Not pictured – Abby Hermes ‘24


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