Texas International Law Journal Shines in New Rankings

The Texas International Law Journal (TILJ) has taken fourth position on the newly-released Washington & Lee Journal Rankings. This represents a 12-spot jump on the specialty listing, the largest move of any of the top-ranked publications. The W&L rankings, considered the world’s premier listing of law journals, considers the top 300 U.S.-published journals and 50 foreign journals.

Johnathan Gooch ’20,  TILJ‘s Editor-in-Chief, was delighted with the news. “We are grateful to be recognized as one of the top international law journals in the world. Our organization has endured a great deal of positive change over the last few years. We are encouraged to see our diligence have this degree of impact.”

The student-run TILJ delivers leading scholarship related to international legal, theoretical, and policy analysis, publishing academic articles, essays, and student notes in the areas of public and private international law, international legal theory, the law of international organizations, comparative and foreign law, and domestic laws with significant international implications.

With an editorial board and staff made up entirely of full-time J.D. and LL.M. students from the School of Law, the Journal has had to establish a refined and well-organized editing process.

“As students, we often struggle to balance schoolwork with the challenging tasks required of a prominent publication,” observed Gooch, “but we’re committed to excellence. And as TILJ celebrates our 55th year, we expect the journal to continue producing high-level scholarship with global consequences.”

TILJ’s distinguished history has included published new work from legal luminaries such as former Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, legendary Texas Law figures Dean W. Page Keeton and Prof. Charles Alan Wright, and then-Secretary of State Dean Rusk.

The journal’s current issue, Vol. 55, is available for order now and features articles from University of Illinois Prof. Anette Sikka and Brookings Institute Fellow John Mukum Mbaku, among others.

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