Author: Christopher Roberts

  • Portrait of Steve Vladeck
    Prof. Steve Vladeck is on research leave this semester, but that doesn’t mean he’s been laying low. In fact, Vladeck, recently named the Charles Alan Wright Chair in Federal Courts, is busier than ever, having made his first argument before the Supreme Court of Texas this Tuesday, and preparing for his third argument before the […]
  • Graphic of the American Bar Association's Mental Health Day, showing a silhouetted head in blue and a ribbon in green
    The American Bar Association is asking law schools and law students to take time this week to focus on mental well-being, self-care, and discussion of issues known to cause emotional distress for many. In that spirit, they’ve announced a series of events, starting on Thursday, October 8, to commemorate Law Student Mental Health Day, a […]
  • Jessica Cisneros, Texas Law Class of 2018, speaking at the 2018 Latinx Graduation
    Texas Law is a proud part of The University of Texas at Austin, and that’s why we’re pleased to share the news that the university has received the coveted Seal of Excelencia from Excelencia in Education, the premier “authority in efforts related to Latino student success.” The news was announced by U.T. Austin president Jay […]
  • Austin Under 40 Awards graphic
    For 20 years, Austin’s Young Women’s Alliance and  Young Men’s Business League have partnered to honor the best and brightest of the Capital City’s rising stars, bestowing the “40 Under 40” Awards to “emerging professionals and their mentors who are making an impact in our community.” Many law school alumni have been recipients of the award, beginning with […]
  • Portrait of Gerard Interiano
    Every year, the Texas Exes honor alumni of The University of Texas at Austin, age 39 and younger, for “significant achievements in their careers and service to the university.” And every year, chances are good an extraordinary young alum of Texas Law will be among the shortlist of honorees. It has happened again with the […]
  • Archival image of Reynaldo Garza
    It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month through October 15, when Americans honor the cultures and contributions of both Hispanic and Latino Americans and the heritage rooted in all Latin American countries. Although we aren’t able to single out every one of the thousands of outstanding lawyers and leaders of Hispanic heritage who got their start at […]
  • Archival image of Heman Sweatt
    The story begins on a Tuesday: February 26, 1946, when Heman Marion Sweatt appeared at the Office of the Registrar of The University of Texas at Austin, seeking admission to the School of Law. Sweatt, a native of Houston’s Third Ward, had been a standout student at Wiley College, the historically black, private college in […]
  • Paul Begala ‘83 and Arleas Upton Kea ‘79
    The Texas Exes have announced this year’s winners of their coveted Distinguished Alumni Awards, the annual recognition bestowed by the university’s alumni association. As is usually the case, Texas Law graduates feature prominently on the list of winners, with Paul Begala BA ’83 JD ’90 and Arleas Upton Kea BA ’79 JD ’82  being named […]
  • Two computer screens, one showing a Zoom screen, and one showing the Freshlaw Orientation slide, in a room full of students at orientation.
    On the eve of the unofficial start of the academic year—Freshlaw Orientation, when all new students first arrive on campus to meet one another and see what law school’s all about—there was the usual excitement that attends this annual ritual. “It’s always my favorite time,” said Brandi Welch, Texas Law’s Director of Academic Advising and […]
  • Portrait of Prof. Steve Collis
    The University of Texas School of Law is opening the Bech-Loughlin First Amendment Center, dedicated to advancing discussion, education, and scholarship on the First Amendment. Among the center’s main projects will be a new experiential education opportunity, the Law and Religion Clinic. It is the first clinic at a university in the state dedicated to representing […]
  • Prof. Richard Albert speaking into a microphone while seated at a desk
    Texas Law Professor Richard Albert has been elected to serve as Co-President of the The International Society of Public Law. He will take office in July 2021. Albert, the William Stamps Farish Professor of Law, was elected on July 30 as part of a slate that includes fellow Co-President-Elect Judge Marta Cartabia, President of the Italian Constitutional […]
  • Prof. Richard Albert speaking into a microphone while standing in front of a wooden podium
    Professor Richard Albert has a new op-ed in The Hill arguing that the Constitution’s gendered and racist language “weakens rather than enhances the feeling of belonging that a constitution should generate among a country’s citizens.” Prof. Albert, the William Stamps Farish Professor in Law, is an expert in comparative constitutional studies and writes extensively about […]