Texas Law Branding Guidelines

The Texas Law branding guidelines (PDF) have been created to assist our departments, offices and programs in producing materials that are consistent and immediately recognizable as Texas Law. We encourage you to use them as you develop communications and materials for your unit.

Why do we need identity standards?

Identity standards instruct users on approved visual applications of the Texas Law wordmark and help The University of Texas School of Law communicate how important brand positioning is to success. Identity standards allow the law school to:

  • Firmly establish the Texas Law identity and increase overall brand awareness
  • Help unify our large and multifaceted organization
  • Create more powerful communications that will help gain new students, donors and faculty

Components of the Texas Law identity

Our visual identity is built from color, typography, imagery and layout of design, all of which help create a distinctive style. At a minimum, four components must be included in our communication materials to adhere to our identity standards:

  1. The ‘Texas Law’ logo;
  2. A wordmark for The University of Texas at Austin;
  3. Primary and secondary fonts; and
  4. Primary and secondary colors along with accent colors.

Texas Law Trademark Policy

Merchandise/products, even if intended to be given away, must bear a trademarked version of the Texas Law logo per University of Texas System trademark policy. Visit trademarks.utexas.edu for more information.


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